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Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky | Our Staff | Jason Patton, M.D.


Jason G. Patton, M.D.

Dr. Jason G.  Patton specializes in hand and upper extremity surgery and treats most acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions of the shoulder, elbow, and hand in adults and children.

Dr. Patton received his undergraduate degree at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and acquired his medical degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He completed his internship and orthopedic residency at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and developed a special interest in all areas, both acute and chronic conditions, of the upper extremity. 

Following residency, Dr. Patton completed a hand, upper extremity, and microvascular fellowship at Allegheny General Hospital, Drexel School of Medicine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Throughout training, he has been involved in multiple research projects across many areas of orthopedics. As the only orthopedic-trained hand surgeon in the area, he looks forward to sharing his expertise with his patients. 

Dr. Patton and his wife are both natives of southern Illinois and hail from West Frankfort, Illinois.

Services & Procedures

Arthritis of the Hand
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Dupuytren’s Contracture
Flexor Tendon Injuries
Ganglion Cysts
Kienbock’s Disease
Nail Bed Injuries
Trigger finger & Trigger thumb
Wrist Arthroscopy
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Dequervain’s Tendinitis
Extensor Tendon Injuries
Mallet Injuries
Nerve Injuries
Thumb MP Joint Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) injury


Medical School – Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Internship – Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery

Residency – Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Division of Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery

Fellowship – Hand, Upper Extremity, and Microvascular Fellowship,  Allegheny General Hospital, Drexel University College of Medicine


American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

Physician Assistant
& Hand Therapists

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Tim Jennings, PA-C

Wendell Wright | OIWK | Hand Therapy


Ashton Downing | OIWK | Hand Therapy


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