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Orthopedic Physical Therapy

OI | Physical Therapy
Orthopaedic Institute | Physical Therapy

The Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky Therapy Center is the region’s leader in orthopedic physical therapy. We provide high-quality treatment to all patients—from athletes to industrial workers to members of the general public. 

The Therapy Center is designed to help make your journey back from injury as efficient as possible. The sooner we restore your mobility, the sooner you can get back to working, playing, and living. 

OIWK’s physical therapists are specially trained to treat those recovering from orthopedic procedures and injuries. We treat preoperative and post-operative patients using the most recent, evidence-based techniques and technology. 

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Our staff will also work closely with your physician throughout your orthopedic physical therapy treatment. This collaboration helps the entire medical team understand your overall goals and create the best plan for achieving them.

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Physical Therapy Center

Our Services

Therapeutic Exercise Therapy


Soft Tissue Manipulation

Joint Mobilization

Dry Needling

Kinesiology Taping/Leuko Taping

Blood Flow Restriction

Sports Enhancement and Injury Prevention Services

Total Joint Rehabilitation

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Work Conditioning

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)


Post-operative Spine Program

Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation

Baseball Elite Arm Strength Training (B.E.A.S.T.)



Hot/Cold Therapy

E-stim (TENS or NMES)



Physical Therapy Center

Our Therapists

Rob Caturano, PT, FCE Certified

Paul Nelson, PTA

 Gordon Dugan, MPT, FCE Certified

Julian Phan, PTA

Emily Warren, PTA

Adrianna TroutmAn, PT, DPT, FCE Certified

Kim Crice, PTA

Kristen Crump, PTA

Michael Chumbler, PTA

Matt Scott, DPT, OCS

Aaron Klope, PTA

Leslie Weitlauf, DPT

Molly Johnson, PTA

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Athletic Training

The OIWK Therapy Center Athletic Training Department partners with local schools to provide injury prevention services, on-site injury care, and rehabilitation to student-athletes. 

Our athletic trainers are present for school sports practices and games to offer athletes first-aid care as needed. They also have direct access to OIWK physicians so students can get fast treatment for injuries and receive effective orthopedic physical therapy as needed. 

The Orthopaedic Institute values athletic programs in our local schools. As a strong community partner, we prioritize students by preventing and treating their injuries and caring for them through rehabilitation. We are also incredibly proud of the community relationships we have built through our athletic training services. You’ll even see OIWK physicians at several local games.

Physical Therapy | Athletic Training

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athletic training

Our Services

Injury prevention

On-site injury treatment

Rehabilitation exercises

Stretching techniques

Strength and condition monitoring

Athletic Training

Our Trainers

Aaron Swain

McCracken County Schools



Why Our Patients Choose Us

“We feel very fortunate and blessed with the Athletic Trainers at OIWK looking after our kids.”

Patient, 2019