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5 Ways to Boost Holiday Safety

Medically reviewed by Spencer E. Romine, MD
| December 6, 2022

Nothing ruins a holiday like an injury. And according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, emergency rooms treated roughly 14,800 people for decorating-related injuries during the 2019 holiday season. So, stay alert while decking the halls, and remember these safety guidelines. 

Be careful on ladders.

This seems like an obvious safety rule, but ladders cause plenty of injuries each year. Keep your footing steady and grip tight on the rungs, and always ask someone to stabilize the bottom. And of course, never trust a child to hold your ladder.

Watch out for ice. 

Choose your shoes carefully during the winter, and always wear a pair that will stand up to ice. Also, avoid uneven surfaces if possible, such as curbs and exterior steps, where you can easily trip. And slow down while driving. Finally, remember to salt your driveway and sidewalks throughout the winter. 

Keep your house tidy.

It’s not always easy to keep a house neat during the holiday bustle—especially when you have kids. But do your best to minimize clutter. For example, put gift boxes away and ask children to pick up toys when they’re done playing. Frequently cleaning reduces tripping hazards. 

Use proper form when hoisting your tree.

You can easily injure your back when placing a Christmas tree on top of your car. Ask another person to help with the task, and make sure you both lift with your legs. Or just use an artificial tree. 

Ensure your children play safely.

Toys can pose significant dangers to children if they aren’t used properly. So, if you have kids, never let them ride bikes, scooters, or other riding toys without the proper safety gear.

If you get injured this winter, call our direct line at (270) 442-9461 or seek treatment at the closest emergency room. The Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky is closed during federal holidays.